Sustainable Procurement

abba Hotels’ Sustainable Procurement plan is a central strand of its sustainability strategy that involves both the chain and its suppliers in order to find solutions that improve the environmental impact of the business and contribute to the protection of the planet.

The three fundamental practices of our hotels:

1. Reduced use of plastic and shift to sustainable alternatives

  • Elimination of single-use plastic items
  • Dispensers and refillable containers
  • Adaptations to make all consumables more sustainable

2. Selection of sustainable products and suppliers

Suppliers who work with abba Hotels share its commitment to sustainability and the things that supply come from sustainable sources.

To create valuable synergies, abba Hotels adheres to its suppliers’ own sustainability plan and certification programmes, involving itself in the entire process of product procurement.

That is why abba ensures compliance with its sustainability policy through the procurement of products with official marks and certifications.

3. Creation of sustainable food policy

Working with ECOFOODIES, abba has adopted the strictest standards of sustainability and healthy food in the hospitality industry, and its food and drink offering includes:

  • 20% vegan or vegetarian dishes
  • 10% of local and kilometre zero suppliers
  • 10% organic produce


We have a principle of Sustainable Purchasing which generates:

  • Positive environmental impact
  • Positive impact on human health
  • Positive impact on animal welfare

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainability certifications for Hotels, and Food and Drink

  • Ecostars
  • Biosphere
  • Green Key
  • Ecofoodies


  • Cruz Roja
  • Incorpora
  • Acciona
  • Novia Salcedo Fundación
  • Fundación Les Mes
  • Gureak
  • Naturgy
  • TEK Athletic

_Our sustainability report

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