Waste Management

Working with ECOEMBES we are implementing strategies for the efficient management of our waste and to manage the whole recycling process.

  1. Reduced use of single-use packaging and containers in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
  2. Implementation of circular economy strategies to reduce our environmental impact:
  • Regeneration of secondary raw materials through recycling
  • Use of recycled paper for printed material
  • Use of products made with recycled raw materials such as: cellulose, recycled plastic, and equipment.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Recycling 2022 abba Hotels:

  • Organic
    83.511 Kg
  • Paper and cardboard
    Paper and cardboard
    60.563 Kg
  • Plastic
    49.562 Kg
  • Glass
    43.729 Kg
  • Other non-organic
    Other non-organic
    2.362 Kg
  • Oils
    8.008 L

247.734 Kg/L


Sustainability certifications for Hotels, and Food and Drink

  • Ecostars
  • Biosphere
  • Green Key
  • Ecofoodies


  • Cruz Roja
  • Incorpora
  • Acciona
  • Novia Salcedo Fundación
  • Fundación Les Mes
  • Gureak
  • Naturgy
  • TEK Athletic

_Our sustainability report

2022 Report is already available