Abba Hotels’ sostenabbabilidad programme brings together everything it does to promote sustainability, which is a strategic brand value. The chain's goal is to raise awareness and frame its work to increase its sustainability as the business grows and moves into the future.

The chain’s work has four principal strands.


_The sostenabbabilidad vision

Letter from abba Hotels’ CEO, Manuel Pérez.

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_Every action counts

Follow the news about what we are doing.

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Sustainability certifications for Hotels, and Food and Drink

  • Ecostars
  • Biosphere
  • Green Key
  • Ecofoodies


  • Cruz Roja
  • Incorpora
  • Acciona
  • Novia Salcedo Fundación
  • Fundación Les Mes
  • Gureak
  • Naturgy
  • TEK Athletic

_Our sustainability report

2022 Report is already available