General conditions for contracts

Conditions for reservation 

These General Contract Conditions are intended to govern the conditions of the online booking service for Abba Hotels, S.A. whose registered office is located at Emilio Arrieta, 25 - 31002 Pamplona, Spain and with telephone +34 93 363 23 30, fax +34 93 363 23 33 and CIF A-31667637, registered in the Mercantile Register of Navarra. Book 715. File 159. Page NA 14774 Record 1.

On-line reservation service 

The purpose of the online reservation service is to reserve a room in any of the Abba Hotels chain. Using this service assumes your full acceptance and without any reservations and each one of the general conditions presented in the most updated version.

Contracting process: Once you have provided us with the requested information to formalize a reservation and have accepted its conditions, your request will be automatically processed and an email will be sent to you confirming it. This email contains your reservation number, it will serve as proof of the reservation and confirmation of your acceptance. In addition, an electronic document in which the reservation is formalized will be saved and may be accessed by making the appropriate request. You can formalize your reservation in any of the available languages indicated on the home page of this website.

  • Bookings for guests under 18 years of age can only be accepted if they include an accompanying adult; similarly, guests under the age of 18 can only stay in the hotel if accompanied by an adult.
  • Prices: The total amount that appears in the "Summary of your reservation" includes VAT.
  • Modification or cancellation: You can modify or cancel your reservation without any additional expenses on this website in the section "Modify or cancel reservation" and we will only need your reservation number and the email provided in the process, except for those reservations that have a non-refundable cancellation policy, in which case the cancellation can not be made.
  • Guarantee: Each reservation is governed by cancellation and payment conditions that must be accepted by the client at the time of booking and that are contractually binding by both parties. Please make sure you have read and accept the cancellation and payment conditions before confirming your reservation.

Through this notice, Abba Hotels SA, whose registered office is on calle Berlín, 51-53 Entresuelo, 08014 Barcelona, Spain, and with its telephone of +34 93 363 23 30, fax +34 93 363 23 33 and CIF A-31667637, owner of the web portal www., informs its customers and users of its website and reservation system, about its Personal Data Protection Policy, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law of 15/99 of December 13.

By filling in one of our forms and accepting our personal data policy, you accept and authorize Abba to use and process the data provided in accordance with the purpose established in the form, which may be:
Provide the necessary service so that your reservation can be effective at the selected location, which will receive your information in order to guarantee said reservation.


  • You will be sent an email with an evaluation questionnaire to evaluate your stay at the selected location.
  • Allow us to send you our newsletter to your e-mail.
  • Allow us to answer your query through the "contact us" section, as well as to send you information about Abba Hotels and its different locations.

Some of the information that you provide us during the reservation process will be stored in our system to make it easier to process any future reservations on this web site.

Abba Hotels guarantees that these files are under its full responsibility and that they are duly declared and registered in the General Registry of the Data Protection Agency.

Abba Hotels informs its clients that they may exercise the right to access, change, cancel and reject this. To do so, please address by mail to the registered address listed above along with the Reference: Data Protection or by email to the address: e-business @

Abba Hotels guarantees that it will treat your personal data confidentially, as well as that the server in which they are stored has all security measures established in the Spanish regulations for data protection.

Use of cookies 

A cookie is a very small text file that a web server can leave on the user's hard drive in order to identify it when reconnecting. Each web site can only read cookies it sends, never those from another site. Cookies are only associated with the user anonymously, not allowing access to personal data, economic data or health information. A cookie is not a executable file and cannot be sent or contain any viruses, and it cannot have any size greater than 4Kb. Abba Hotels uses cookies with the sole purpose of making navigation easier on its reservation system as well as to obtain statistics on its use. This will allow it to recognize the computer the next time it visits our web site.

You can configure your browser to accept the cookies you receive or not, or for the browser to notify you when the web server wants to store any.

  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, find the Tools menu; Internet Options; Privacy.
  • If you use Netscape/Mozilla, find the Tools menu; Manage Cookies.
  • If you use Opera, find Preferences; Privacy; Cookies filter.

Abba Hotels appreciates it if you accept the use of cookies. This helps us obtain more accurate data that allows us to improve the functionality and design of our reservation system.

Sending the Newsletter 

Your data is part of a file that is under the responsibility of Abba Hotels, S.A. with the purpose of enabling us to send our Newsletter. You can access, change, cancel or reject the aforementioned treatment to e-business @ or by letter to our address calle Berlín, 51-53 Entresuelo, 08014 Barcelona, Spain, with the reference Data Protection.

If you don't want to receive any more electronic communications, forward this present email with "Unsubscribe" in the "Subject" line


We inform you that your personal data, as well as all the information that you provide us during the selection process, will be held as part of a file that is the responsibility of Abba Hotels, S.A. with the purpose of managing your job application, as well as assessing the suitability of your application regarding jobs in our chain establishments. To do so, you consent to your personal information to be communicated to any of our locations, including those sides in foreign countries. You have an updated list of them on this website. You can access, change, cancel or reject the aforementioned treatment to e-business @ or by letter to our address calle Berlín, 51-53 Entresuelo, 08014 Barcelona, Spain, with the reference Data Protection.


Legal Note BookingCore S.L.

This web site has been created by BookingCore S.L. (BookingCore) whose business address is at Calle Bartomeu Ferre; 3 4o, Palma de Mallorca, 07002, Spain. BookingCore is the owner and holder of the rights to the intellectual property of the software, codes and designs. BookingCore has been awarded as the service provider for this website, a non-transferable and non-exclusive license for the use of the development that can not be reproduced, totally or partially, nor adapted, nor transformed without the authorization of BookingCore.

Personal Data: All data related to the payment made through the payment gateway of the website are collected by BookingCore in order to carry out all collection procedures for the owner of the website and service provider. The user gives their consent to said treatment and can exercise their rights to access, change, cancel or reject by sending an e-mail to the address or by post to the address indicated above.

BookingCore under no circumstances will use any personal information for any purposes not indicated herein.

BookingCore guarantees the confidentiality and security while processing your personal data, as well as the use of security measures, by all technical and human means. BookingCore is committed to implementing any security measures necessary to prevent the unauthorized access of any person to the computers where personal data are found.