Huesca and the surrounding area offer wide open spaces, whose beauty lends itself to being discovered, and provide a wealth of options in terms of relaxing or taking part in leisure or sporting activities. Or why not combine the two, making the most of the unique nooks and crannies and buildings within the city and surrounding towns, discovering more of its artistic and natural treasures, the interesting layout of the countryside, unique and diverse, and the emotion of nature brought to life.

Around the city, a network of pedestrian and cycling paths lead to hermitages (San Jorge, Salas, Cillas, Jara, Santa Lucía, Loreto, etc.), fountains, lakes, the Castillo de Montearagón, and much more.

In the La Hoya area, less than half an hour away, stand the Castillo de Loarre, Europe's best preserved Roman fortress, the Mallos de Riglos y Agüero, the Monasterio de Casbas and a multitude of towns, all with their own delights and stories to tell.