Restaurant abba Mía

At abba Burgos hotel we care for our catering with all luxury to details.

We rely on selected food, with a perfect balance between variety and quality and that comes with its own personality in the kitchen, specializing in the gastronomy of the area.

Awaken your senses and delight your palate in our abba Mía Restaurant, a space where you can enjoy a select Castilian and international cuisine, choosing the best seasonal raw materials to create a perfect balance in the composition of the menus and in the selection of our winery.


Restaurant Schedule: From Monday to Sunday, from 8:30 pm. to 11:00 pm.

Café Schedule: From Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 pm. to 12:00 pm.

Opening times for the Restaurant and Cafeteria for the period 26 December 2022-6 January 2023 are available at Reception.

Telephone numbers abba Mía Restaurant:
(+34) 947 001 102
(+34) 647 329 695