Pamplona believes it is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with 4 million square metres of parks and gardens. You can visit the Parque de la Taconera, the Parque de la Vuelta del Castillo and the Parque de la Medialuna, in which you can admire genuine works of floral art, especially in the spring, and the Parque Yamaguchi which is wide open, designed in an oriental style, includes a geyser and is home to Pamplona's planetarium. We should not forget that the River Arga flows through Pamplona, giving it leafy riverside walks.

Navarre is an area which produces some very good wine. Since time immemorial, thousands of hectares of vines have provided for wonderful wine-making traditions. Under Navarre's Denominación de Origen (a label identifying wine of quality), you will discover excellent wines and wineries.