As a host that welcomes to his guests, abba Centrum Alicante Hotel takes care of all its services and facilities in every detail. We want that your stay in any of our hotels be to your liking, with the maximum comfort and the best attention. 

Every day we work for our services to adapt to the new technologies and the best assistances, taking care of every detail, specially our catering. 

Your well-being is our aim.

Free Wifi

Courtesy of Abba Hotels

Buffet Breakfast

Because we want you to feel at home...


Exclusively for hotel guests.

Fitness Center

For sport at any time of day.

Espacio Centrum

We offer you a large interior outdoor space.

Massages and relax

Relax at the hands of a good masseur.

Turkish bath with aromatherapy

Combine a Turkish bath with fragrant aromas.


We offer ample interior space outdoors.


Our sauna is open daily so that you can relax to the full.


A unique space to relax with a good read.